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We must love what we do and DREAM BIG. 


We determine our own potential.  Those willing to train consistently at a high level with effort, discipline, and motivation will be rewarded with results and valuable life skills.


My approach is to use positive coaching and skill development to foster a love for the game and confidence on and off the court.   I believe in creating a high-energy environment that is both challenging and fun.  Players are encouraged to practice with intensity and fearlessness.  By teaching athletes to practice in this way, they will bring the same attitude to games. 

Integral to all programs is empowering athletes through teaching mental skills along with basketball skills.  Athletes will learn about goal setting, positive self-talk, imagery, stress management, and developing confidence in addition to other mental skills that can be used to improve performance.  


In training sessions we will work towards our goals by teaching fundamentals, skill development, game-like scenarios, and sport psychology skills.  Basketball training with a focus on mentorship, confidence, effort, and perseverance will positively impact an athlete's success in other areas of life.

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