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To provide elite player and team development services to middle and high school aged athletes. 


To improve performance through high-level training that focuses on skill development and mental toughness.


To create an environment where players pursue excellence and compete fearlessly.  


  1. Pursuit of Excellence. Through this focused pursuit we achieve outstanding results.

  2. Mental Toughness.  We are confident, fearless, and inspired as we strive for greatness.  We approach our mission to improve with a determined and positive attitude. 

  3. Intensity of Training.  We are motivated and purposeful in the gym - we bring maximum effort to all workouts.  Through fresh skill development, mental training, and competition we will chase the exceptional.  

  4. Passionate and Professional Coaching.  Your goals are my goals.  I will bring a high-level of energy, positivity, and knowledge to all workouts.

  5. Successful Performance Achievement.  Players love what they do and dream big.  Progress is made through commitment, effort, and strength of mind.  Athletes believe in their own power, the promising journey of improvement, and the outstanding future they are creating.  

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