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Performance Psychology and Services

Investing in your growth and development is a must for anyone striving for improvement, success, or excellence.  Often, this investment takes the form of physical work in your performance arena.  

In many ways, we are defined by our actions.  But, our actions are often defined by our thoughts, plans, and beliefs. 

Taking time to invest in yourself through performance psychology can be a valuable tool for continued growth and/or overcoming challenges.  Developing mental skills helps you become a stronger competitor, teammate, and person.  You will learn things about yourself that you can use to compete and train at a higher level.  


I work with athletes, coaches, and teams to help reach goals, strive for excellence, improve performance, overcome challenges, and improve the quality of their experience.  This work is done through individual meetings, small group sessions, or team workshops. 

Our performance environments are not cookie cutter and neither are these services.  At the heart of this work is cultivating an understanding of personal values, meaning, and motivation.  With this understanding we are best served to manage or overcome challenges and reach optimal performance states.  

I approach this work with a unique and integrated perspective.  I have played at the youth, high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  I have coached at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.  And, the last five years I have worked with athletes, teams, and coaches of all ages to enhance their performance in a variety of ways.  I understand the complexities influencing our athletes, coaches, and teams today. 

I can help with:  managing performance pressures, confidence issues, goal setting, leadership development, communication, building relationships, performance mindset, team building, culture development, leadership development, managing emotions, receiving coaching, dealing with injuries, transitioning out of sport, and general education on sport and performance psychology. 

Some of the skills I can teach are:  visualization, relaxation strategies, mindfulness, building practice or competition routines, strategies to maintain your focus and attention, self-talk, time management, and personal reflection and assessment.


Please call 617-957-1691 or email ( for more information and to discuss a customized plan that will best serve you or your team. 

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